Healthy Homes Ventilation Standard

Healthy Homes Ventilation Standard

Healthy Homes Ventilation Standard

If you own a rental property in Gisborne you should be aware of the new ventilation standard under the Healthy Homes aims at improving ventilation and making rented properties safer and healthier.

Mold and dampness are common in poorly ventilated houses.  The ventilation standard helps to address these concerns. All rented properties must comply within 90 days of new or renewed tenancy post 1st July 2021. The key features of the ventilation standard are discussed below:

Overview of Ventilation Standard

The ventilation standard states that all rented properties should have at least one window, door, or skylight. They should open to the outside and should be able to get fixed in the open position. It further says that the total size of openable windows, doors, and skylights should be a minimum of 5% of the total floor area of a room.

The kitchen and bathrooms in a property should have extractors fans vented to the outside. New fans or range hoods installed in kitchens after 1st July 2019. They must have a diameter of at least 150mm or an exhaust capacity of 50 litres per second. Similarly, fans installed in bathrooms should have a diameter of 120mm or an exhaust capacity of 25 litres per second.

If you are a property owner, remember to take the specifications of the fan diameter, ducting, etc. in writing from the vendor. This will help them to claim compliance with their property to the ventilation standard.

Guidelines for Openable Windows and External Doors

Windows, doors, or skylights in a room must be openable. They should open to the outside and allow free flow of fresh air inside and out of the room. You should also be able to fix them in an open position. The extent to which they open is not accounted for meeting the compliance to ventilation standard.

Exemption to Ventilation Standard

There are specific instances where a property is exempted from complying with the ventilation standard. If the room was built or converted at a time when it was lawful not to meet the requirements of openable windows, doors, or skylights, then it is exempted from the ventilation standard. However, if having lesser openable ventilation was lawful only due to other ventilation arrangements were met, then those arrangements should continue to be met.

In cases where it is not practical to install extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms, then it is exempt from the ventilation standard. Other sub-conditions must be met to get this exemption. You must seek professional advice and keep a copy of the same to claim lawful exemption.

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