Electrical safety advice for in the family home in Gisborne NZ

Electrical safety advice for in the family home in Gisborne NZ

Electrical safety advice for in the  family home in Gisborne NZ!

In Gisborne our homes are a place of relaxation. This is made even more effective through the use of electric appliances that have transformed homes into places of utmost comfort.  First Light Electrical Solutions Gisborne thought it might be helpful to share some safety advice fo you and your family . We want you to be safe and make sure electricity works for you in the safest way possible.

1: Inspect electric cords as often as you can

Damaged power cords are a serious residential electrical safety risk, and they are capable of causing both fires and electrocution. All power and extension cords should be checked regularly for signs of fraying and cracking, and they should then be repaired or replaced as needed.

Power cords should not be stapled into place or run under rugs and furniture. Cords under rugs pose a tripping hazard and can overheat, while furniture can crush cord insulation and damage wires.


2: Handle electricity with dry hands

It seems obvious doesn’t it but this information is vital for children who don’t know the harm that electricity can cause. It is vital to remind them to always dry their hands before handling any electrical appliances. Water and electricity don’t mix, and it is important to always remember that.


3: Never overload your outlets

Many homeowners sometimes find themselves with a minimal number of outlets than they wanted. You can be forced to use a lot of appliances from a single cord, a practice that can be very fatal. You should always use only the recommended number of appliances and ensure these outlets are always cool.


4: Unplug your appliances when not in use

Many people tend to always have their electric appliances connected to a power source. This can be very fatal in the event of a power surge. It could blow up the appliance and even cause a fire. Unplugging will also save you on electric bills as it prevents draining.


5: Follow appliance instructions fully

“Read the instructions” should top the list of electrical safety tips at home. Understanding how to safely operate appliances improves both the performance of your device and your safety. Should any appliance give you even a slight electrical shock, stop using it until a qualified electrician checks it for problems.

Safety never takes a holiday.  First Light Electrical Solutions Gisborne want everyone to dafe and aware of the potential harm when using electricity so everyone can stay safe and enjoy the beauty that Gisborne has to offer.


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