Industrial Services

Factory Electrical Fit-Outs & Electrical Maintenance

We have extensive electrical industrial experience including small industrial plants to big mining operations in Australia which means I can tackle any electrical project in your factory – and, we can offer our customers a 24-hour rapid-response to repairs and faults.

We can help with lighting, electrical repairs, electrical switchboard installation and repair, and specialise in:


Machinery Installation

The new machinery for your factory is expensive and often high-tech. You want it installed correctly the first time! We provide a full industrial machinery installation service which includes: surge and RCD protection and tag and testing to ensure electrical compliance.


Plant Electrical Work

The electrical work of most factories is heavy-duty and complex – make sure the commercial electrical company trusted with keeping your business running is up for the job. We are specialist commercial and industrial electrical contractors and can handle all your factory’s electrical work, from simple electrical installations, to machinery installs and preventative maintenance programmes.


Electrical Compliance

Electrical compliance is important for safety, building warrant of fitness, and insurance. Most businesses are required by law to have annual written reports relating to the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures of their building’s compliance schedule.

We offer electrical installation, repair, maintenance and testing services, including: emergency light and exit sign testing, appliance tag and testing, RCD testing, and electrical preventative maintenance programmes.


3-Phase Wiring & Set-Up

We design, install, maintain and repair three-phase power supply systems for commercial businesses and residential properties . If you need 3-phase power installed, or have an issue with 3-phase plant equipment or machinery or 3-phase wiring and safety, give us a call.


Electrical Switchboard Installation & Upgrades

As your company grows, so will its need for power and a power system that can handle the increased load. We will assess your electricity needs and give a free quote to upgrade or replace your current electrical switchboard.


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Our aim is to provide a hassle free friendly service with competitive pricing.