Replacing your lights with new downlights.

Replacing your lights with new downlights.

Replacing your lights with downlights 😁

 Having traditional light settings with age old and traditional electrical installations can cost you a lot of money in terms of energy bills.

If you want to save money on energy bills are good money saving option is replacing your old lights with new modern downlights. Using an electrician to have downlights installed in your home or office is an easy way to give your space a lift and make it feel more modern.

Traditional light settings

It is common for buildings to have a traditional light setting in Gisborne. A lot of building owners are used to this setting and may not have considered a change. It is good to remember that the normal light setting can be energy consuming than the other options.

It may be a good idea to consult with an electrician on the alternatives that are available. Jaerus at First Light Electrical Solutions can  provide you with insight on how it would affect your energy consumption which in turn effects your monthly power bills.

Downlights Installation

Any experienced electrician can help you have downlights installed in your building. It is irrelevant of the building being an office space or a house. Installing downlights does come with a cost which vary’s from job to job but they pay fo themselves over time.

Downlights are usually installed or placed in the ceiling and are designed to spread light downwards. This is unlike the traditional lights which spread light to all parts of the room. By doing so the light gets dispersed and thus your rooms require a brighter light.

When you use a brighter light to cover the entire area of the room you are essentially spending more towards energy bills. Furthermore, this can also occupy a little more room than the downlights as well which can be a hassle especially for ceilings that are low.

If you like your lights to be concentrated towards a specific place like the middle of the room then downlights would be your best bet

One of the cool things about replacing you old lights with new modern downlights is that its a whole lot cheaper than renovating and can totally transfom the vibe your home or office.

Get in touch with Jaerus today at First Light Electrical Solutions to find out more about installing downlights.

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