Removing Overhead Mains and Installing Underground Mains.

Removing Overhead Mains and Installing Underground Mains.

Removing overhead mains and installing underground mains.

It is quite common to have electrical installations like mains and other equipment overhead. However, this might not be a very good idea in today’s world due to different reasons. In the earlier days these types of installations worked just fine.

When it comes to overhead mains it may always be a cheaper option for most people. However, it does not essentially mean that they are the safest option available. This is why these days there is more emphasis on having underground mains.

Underground mains and electrical installations

There are a whole set of advantages with having underground mains installed with First Light Electrical Solutions Gisborne. Your initial investment towards this installation would cost you more than overhead mains, but let that not deter you from looking at the larger picture.

You would see a significantly lesser cluster with mains when you opt for an underground one with a good electrician. There would be less wires visible to the naked eye and that means that your building would be more  aesthetically pleasing.

You can also experience fewer long or short interruptions when it comes to power outages with underground mains that you install with an electrician. This is due to the fact that the wires are concealed leaving little or no room for damage to it.

The reactance factor is also lower when you choose to have underground mains installed. This means there is less chance of voltage drops while using different electrical appliances. There is a definite noticeable difference once these mains are installed underground.

Your maintenance costs that are involved with overhead mains would also be significantly higher when compared to underground mains. This can be a noteworthy advantage that you have when it comes to using it for the long  run for your home or office buildings.

The life span of the underground mains can be anywhere between 20 years to 40 years depending on the quality of the wires used. The quality of the installation by the electrician also matters when it comes to the longevity of the underground installation.



Anyone who is looking for a long-term value of an installation of the mains would see that underground mains are cheaper. This is despite the initial installation costs being more than overhead ones. You may also want to consider the area that you live for this installation.

Not all areas may suit underground installation of mains. However, Jaerus from First Light Electrical Solutions Gisborne is more than happy to give you more information about it. He can provide you with the much-needed clarity on the different aspects before you make the switch.

If you require a quote on how much it would cost to make the shift from overhead mains don not hesitate to contact First Light Electrical Solutions today 👍

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